Macedonia Baptist Church has a long rich history and an even more exciting future. The church was organized on October 14, 1820, and has been serving the community in the name of Christ since that day. At the time the church was organized the location was still part of Spartanburg County and remained so until Cherokee County was formed in 1897. Macedonia was located 14 miles from Spartanburg and 5 miles from Cowpens, SC.

Soon after the church was organized, one of its founding members, Jonathan Guthrie was licensed to preach and in 1822 became the church’s first pastor. In that same year, Jonathan’s brother, Samuel Guthrie deeded to the church a parcel of land on which the church built its first church house. The first church building was a log structure that was used for 45 years and was located near the back of the present cemetery.

Since those first years, the church has grown. Five different sanctuaries have been built by the church, as well as educational, fellowship, and recreational space. The church has also purchased several parcels of land not only for present use, but also for future expansions.

During the years, the ministry and missions of the church have continued to reach out to our community and to our world. Our vision is to “Reach, Teach and Minister for Christ.”