Our Purpose


To know the trinity of God is the most powerful and meaningful relationship you will ever have. Just to know about God is not the same as an intimate relationship with God, which is His’ desire. At MBC, we strive to offer opportunities that will teach and guide you in this life long journey.

Do you KNOW God?


Following Jesus means to live a life that reflects His attitudes, desires
and priorities. It means to live as He did. Since we are all sinners, that is
an impossible task on our own. But with the help and saving grace of
Jesus we strive to improve. Our goal is to improve together with Jesus
as our guide and example.

Do you FOLLOW Jesus?


Jesus commands us to make disciples. In order to do this we must tell others about Him and walk with them as they seek a relationship with the trinity of God. Sharing the love of Jesus is the most important conversation you will have.

Do you SHARE Jesus with others?