Sunday School Classes

Macedonia Baptist offers numerous opportunities for people of all ages to connect and study the Bible in Sunday school classes at 9:30 AM. We invite you to take a look and find the class that best suits your spiritual needs.

While you attend a class, we also have secure options for your kids! After you check your child in, they will be escorted back to a class dedicated to their specific age group. Currently, our classes are divided as follows:

  • Babies
  • 1 & 2 year olds
  • 3 & 4 year olds
  • Kindergarten/1st Grade
  • 2nd/3rd Grade
  • 4th/5th Grade


Students in middle school and high school meet together on Sunday mornings. Our study is usually tied into what we are studying during our small group time on Sunday nights. Our hope is that this time encourages students to grow in their faith and connect with other students their age. 

The college class serves students who are in college and those of similar age who have already started their career. This class is highly discussion based. 

Our SALT Class  is our most popular class for parents. This class uses different books as their curriculum on Sunday mornings. They are currently doing a series through the book, “Experiencing God”. One of the benefits of this class is that it is discussion based. It’s less of the teacher talking and more of the whole group interacting together. This helps take what they have learned from the lesson and apply it to their everyday lives. 

The Sonshine class is a mix of all ages and is led by Sheila Smalley. This class uses “Bible Studies for Life” from Lifeway. They are  involved with sending cards, reaching out in prayer, and helping with direct needs as they are made aware. 

This class is led by Dot Clary. The ages range from people in their 40s to people in their 70s. There is also a mix of married couples as well as singles. They are curently using a book titled, “The Time is Near” for their weekly study. Both deep bible study and topical study occur in this class. 

The Pairs & Spares class is a good mix of marital statuses and ages. This class is for those who prefer a more comprehensive study of the Bible. It tends to be more teacher-led but does include time for everyone to share their input. 

This class currently meets in our church Worship Center and is led by Bas Wray. As the name suggests, they study the main beliefs that Baptist hold.  

We have a variety of different Men’s and Women’s classes that meet throughout the church each week. You are more than welcomed to try one or all of these out as you look for where you fit best. Below is a list of those classes and who currently leads them.

  • Singles/Couples- Diane Yon
  • Men (70+)- Edward Freeman
  • Women (60+)- Brooke Petty
  • Men (60+)- Rusty Parker
  • Couples (50+)- Linda Sellars
  • Women (60+)- Lucy Mills
  • Women (50+)- Teresa Kirby
  • Women (50+)- Ginger Cox
  • Men (50+)- Reggie Petty